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Fight For Your Riot - TIGER HELICIDE - (LP) CD/Digital

Tiger Helicide's first full-length album! Featuring Adam Harmless and Casey Ponder, FFYR is always intense, often funny, and sometimes just nasty. "Rock 'N' Roll Commando", "So In Love...", "Axe Murderer", and "Chinese Heart" are but a few of the classic PUNK ROCK "hits" found on this shiny platter. 

Saturday Night Mind Control - TIGER HELICIDE - (LP) CD/Digital

Tiger Helicide's second full-length album finds Adam Harmless returning on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Smith on drums and back-up vocals (as well as keyboard for the song "A Diary Is A Long-Winded Suicide Note") and Jacob Ragan on bass (drums on and lead vocals on the song "Waiting For The Train"). More experimental, but certainly no-less dangerous than the first album. "Hits" include: "B.J. Jet-Ski Fight", "Evening Drive", "Axe Murderer Too: Axe Murderer", and "In Your Veins". The CD version also features bonus tracks from the Tiger Helicide E.P.! BARGAIN!!!

Apologue EP - The Old World Underground - (EP) CD/Digital

The first ever studio recordings from The Old World Underground for only $5! This one features Eli Amberson on bass/guitar, Jesse Norris on vocals/guitar/keys, Annabelle Blood on vocals, and Nick Adrian on drums. All songs were written by Norris/Amberson/Blood/Adrian/Shropshire and recorded by Brad White at Analog On Third.

Face Off with The BoneYard Mafia... (THE ZODIAC KILLER EP) - TIGER HELICIDE - (Split EP) CD/Digital

Tiger Helicide and the Boneyard Mafia worked together to produce this split EP. The Boneyard Mafia covers one of TH's original songs, "Dino-Rider" and Tiger Helicide covers a BYM song, "Fuck This Job" be sure to pick up a copy.

Tiger Helicide or Die - TIGER HELICIDE - (EP) CD/Digital

A classic EP by Tiger Helicide with some of the original members and some classic tunes such as "Decepticreeps", "Amityville Whore", and "Destroy Everything"... It cost just $3 to pick up a physical copy of this one, but if you just want the digital version then you can "name your price" on bandcamp!!!

GAD!Zine Comp - VARIOUS ARTISTS - (LP compilation) CD

This compilation was assembled by the guys and gals at GAD! to help support the zine and features bands local to Northeast Alabama and BEYOND. Tunes by Pace House, Headwires, The Devil's Got a Hold on Me, The Casket Kids, The Go-Go Killers, The Boneyard Mafia, Color Wild, and MORE! Plus EXCLUSIVE tracks by Indoria (featuring Chuck Mosley!), Tiger Helicide, and The Charmings! Be sure to check it out, as the proceeds go to support future zines!!

Distant Folk - ADAM HARMLESS - (LP) CD/Digital

A very peculiar/experimental/noisy work of art by Adam Harmless. This is one is definitely worth adding to your collection!!

And His Nuclear Piano - ADAM HARMLESS - (LP) Digital

Adam Harmless made a piano album that would make Mozart roll over in his grave, because of how amazingly terrifying it is. This album also features Adam's daughter London, so be sure to add this one to your MBM collection.

Danse Surely - TIGER HELICIDE - (EP) Digital

This classic Tiger Helicide EP has the songs "Danse Surely", "My Fists Bleed Death/I.E.D", and "Sandy Crimson" on it.  

Tiger Helicide - TIGER HELICIDE - (EP) Digital

Another Classic Tiger Helicide EP to add to your collection of Tiger Helicide EP's. This one has "Throw Me Down the Stairs", "Jack Bauer on L.S.D.", and "The Punch Line". Produced by the legendary Michael Kilpatrick (The Go-Go Killers, X)!

Beautiful Day Monsters - ADAM HARMLESS - LP Digital

Another quirky, fun, weird noise album that was produced by Adam Harmless. This one is absolutely amazing and 100% worth every penny, guaranteed...

So Predictable - THE SEBASTIAN TRIALS - Single Digital

The Sebastian Trials is Jacob Ragan's (of Tiger Helicide, Russian Love Machine, False Suns, and a few other bands) solo project. "So Predictable" is a new single he recorded in March of 2017. Check it out!

LAST BAD DAY - Adam Harmless - Digital

Adam Harmless returns to challenge your ears with a new solo EP! Experimental, noisy, and surreal. A conceptual work that ain't for everybody. Features the single "Telemarketer Karen"! 

Murder Boy - The GRAVELEES - Digital Album

Recorded by "The GRAVElees" (Adam Harmless with Darlene Vile), in 2003, most of Murder Boy was thought to have been lost. Then, in 2019, local legend and friend to the group, Rapid Randy Hughes, discovered "promo" copies that Harmless had given him during the recording sessions. This is the first time EVER that this album has been available in its entirety. Sicko industrial/techno about murder, suicide, and.... more murder.

"The Brain Drainers" Single - HOT FOR CREATURE

NEW SINGLE!!!!!! Features members of Tiger Helicide and The Backseat Virgins!!!!!!

We Still Care A Lot: Various Artists Remember Chuck Mosley - Various Artists Tribute CD

Charles Henry Mosley III is most famous for his stint as singer of Faith No More on their first two albums. Both featured the most famous song he ever sang, "We Care A Lot". While WCAL is rightfully considered a classic, and thus the inspiration for the title of this release, Chuck gave us so much more and spoke to us in so many different ways. We was an innovator and one of the most honest musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. We lost Chuck Mosley in November of 2017, just as he was again hitting his stride, making some of the best music of his life, and reaching more fans than ever. The sheer diversity of sounds found on this collection is a testament to his reach. WE STILL CARE A LOT!

This compilation features bands and musicians from all over the world, performing songs by Faith No More, Cement, and VUA. We're even treated to Chuck himself singing with Indoria in a never before released remix!


1. Bella Donna (Longwave Radio Mix) - Indoria featuring CHUCK MOSLEY

2. Tractor - Death & Hexes

3. We Care A Lot - Johnny B. Morbid

4. Faster Disco - Post Traumatik

5. Death March - Angertea featuring Laz Obiat

6. Chip Away - Rock Satellites (members of Indoria & The Chuck Mosley Band)

7. Introduce Yourself - The Wrong Brothers featuring Tron

8. As The Worm Turns - Mike Mayberry featuring Matt LeShay

9. Nameless - Struwwelpeter

10. Chinese Arithmetic - OctoberSun featuring John Mitchell & Laz Obiat

11. Anne's Song - Owls And Other Animals

12. Why Do You Bother - Tiger Helicide

13. Mark Bowen - Rapid Randy