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We Still Care A Lot: Various Artists Remember Chuck Mosley - Various Artists Tribute CD

Charles Henry Mosley III is most famous for his stint as singer of Faith No More on their first two albums. Both featured the most famous song he ever sang, "We Care A Lot". While WCAL is rightfully considered a classic, and thus the inspiration for the title of this release, Chuck gave us so much more and spoke to us in so many different ways. We was an innovator and one of the most honest musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. We lost Chuck Mosley in November of 2017, just as he was again hitting his stride, making some of the best music of his life, and reaching more fans than ever. The sheer diversity of sounds found on this collection is a testament to his reach. WE STILL CARE A LOT!

This compilation features bands and musicians from all over the world, performing songs by Faith No More, Cement, and VUA. We're even treated to Chuck himself singing with Indoria in a never before released remix!


1. Bella Donna (Longwave Radio Mix) - Indoria featuring CHUCK MOSLEY

2. Tractor - Death & Hexes

3. We Care A Lot - Johnny B. Morbid

4. Faster Disco - Post Traumatik

5. Death March - Angertea featuring Laz Obiat

6. Chip Away - Rock Satellites (members of Indoria & The Chuck Mosley Band)

7. Introduce Yourself - The Wrong Brothers featuring Tron

8. As The Worm Turns - Mike Mayberry featuring Matt LeShay

9. Nameless - Struwwelpeter

10. Chinese Arithmetic - OctoberSun featuring John Mitchell & Laz Obiat

11. Anne's Song - Owls And Other Animals

12. Why Do You Bother - Tiger Helicide

13. Mark Bowen - Rapid Randy